After Care Infomation

Hair Extensions

Micro Bead – Tape – Glue in

Be sure to colour your hair 2-3 days before getting the hair extensions installed.

For the first couple of days you may experience some discomfort as your new hair extensions settle in, don’t worry this is normal.

PLEASE DO NOT wash your hair for the first 48 Hours after application.

It is always a good idea to plait your hair at night time while you sleep so the extensions do not get tangled.

Do not wear your hair in a high pony tail as it will loosen your extensions.

It is always a great idea to plait your hair while you swim and work out.

The Extensions are 100% REMY human hair.

Remy means all cuticles are facing down the same way as our own hair which makes it healthy and look natural.

The Extensions can be Straightened, blow dried and curled

always on a low heat 180 Degrees MAX.

It is very important to blow dry the joints of the extensions as soon as possible after you shower.

It is not recommend to dye your extensions as this can compromise the quality.

Dye your extensions at your own RISK!

It is best to brush your hair from bottom working your way up to prevent any pulling on the extensions.

Be gentle while brushing your extensions as too much force or lack of care can pull your extensions out.

We Recommend a loop brush or soft brush.


It is extremely important to use the proper after care products to maintain the best results and ensure the hair last as long as possible.

If you chose to try other products not on our list you do so at your own risk, if you do find it starts to dry out or tangle use some good clarifying shampoo to remove the products.

A heat protector must be used when styling your hair extensions.


Use a Good Moisturising Leave in conditioner

This can have silicone in it as long as you only put it on the mid length and ends of your extensions.

Avoid any conditioner getting in your joints.

Do Not Massage the root area around your extensions.

Do Not rub the hair vigorously when you are washing your hair.

If you chose Tape Hair Extensions over time you can press the tape pieces together to help secure them.

DO NOT pick at the tape extensions

Make sure the hair is kept clean and combed regularly to avoid any knots and tangles.

The hair extensions need to be tightened anywhere from 6-8 weeks as your natural hair grows.

The time is varied from person to person and how fast your hair grows.

If you wait too long before tightening the beads or tape will become visible and too much growth can make it easy to see and might become tangled.

If Hair becomes Dry and Tangles please get the JUUCE REVIVA CREAM

Recommended Shampoos Conditioners and leave ins.

We cant stress enough to you that you need to use one of these items and a really good leave in

(Leave in DAILY).

Do Not use anything with Oils


Juuce Smooth ndz [Leave In]

PURE Precious Ends (Natural LEAVE IN)

PURE Divine (Bath and Rinse)

Pure Up.Lift (Bath and Rinse)

Juuce Reviva Cream (instant moisturiser)

Matrix Biolage Range


Hydrotherapy/Hydrating Shampoo

Hydrating Conditioning Balm

Instant Rockstar

Hemp Rock Conditioner

Nutria Seduction Pearl Shampoo (Not Conditioner)

Silksheen [Shampoo]

Solperfection [Shampoo]

Tigi Range

Raw Sensuality Hydration Shampoo

Moisture Maniac [Shampoo and conditioner]

Sebastian Range

Goldwell Range

KMS California

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